Issue Contents - 2014 Jan/Feb


A bond of love

Wendy’s description of Tomi’s care made her an obvious choice for a winning spot.

Reader Profile - Impossible is nothing

Will was preparing for the World Championships in trampolining when he had an accident during training. He injured his spinal cord and the accident left him a quadriplegic with little, ...

What’s new in the treatment/ prevention of stroke?

In an article published online on Medical News Today, new research has found that brain-computer interface technology can tell if patients are activating regions of their brains in ways ...

Ida's Corner - I am my spouse’s caregiver

George qualified as a Medical Doctor but due to a progressing spastic paralysis he chose a career in Health Administration. Please fix his email address it doesn't have a w at the end?

Rolling Reveals - Claiming Workmen’s Compensation

Firstly, I am upset to report that there is no disabled parking available and that the uneven sidewalks are definitely not easily accessible in a wheelchair.

EduReview - Funding Your Skills Development

There are 10 NQF levels of education, with study and funding options available for all levels. To enter courses you need a qualification in the previous level e.g. to take Level 3 ...

Rolling Sport - Rolling in the surf

Adapted surfing has become an increasingly popular pastime amongst some of the more adventurous members of the South African disabled community.

HotSpot News - Chaeli receives World of Children award in New York

In its 15 year history, the World of Children Award has invested more than $5 million in programs led by 95 honorees serving vulnerable children in 140 countries.

QASA News - SANRAL re-engages on E TOLL

The partnership with the Opposition against Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) followed a legal route, challenging the consultation process and validity of the program. This legal challenge ...

Book Launch - Gun Violence, Disability and Recovery

The population of gun violence survivors already numbers tens of millions worldwide, and according to some estimates increases by two million each year.


UpFront - Say what?

I would officially like to commend the deaf, for alerting the rest of the nation of the fraudulent misinterpretation Thamsanqa Jantjie offered us during Nelson Mandela’s State funeral.

Doctor's Corner - Important health facts for the second trimester

The amniocentesis is a test where a needle is passed though the abdominal wall into the gestational sac to collect amniotic fluid for testing either confirming or not the presence of ...

Accessible Environment - New library in Durban, did they do it by the book?

I joined a team of architects, to submit a tender, so I was able to get to know the brief intimately.

Road Test - A head above the rest

Growing up with a ‘different’ body, Matodzi never allowed it to stop her doing what she wanted, she just had to work out ways of doing things differently.

Travel Tips - Airport parking reviews

Accessible bays in these areas are clearly marked with the international blue and white signs.

Sexuality - I am woman - I am strong

It is important to remember that with spinal cord injury, the area where sensation remains often becomes extremely sensitive for stimulation.

Back Chat - A new year, a new you!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Unfortunately, most people don’t make any specific resolutions for self-improvement at all and this is often because they don’t think they can ...

Rolling Kids - Fine Motor activity materials

This article focuses on fun, affordable and easy ways to make materials that can be used in the classroom, or at home to develop these skills.

Amputee Corner - Never Leave Your Wing Man

I have so often seen amputation end in divorce and witnessed life partners give in under the stress.