Issue Contents - 2014 Jul/Aug


Cover Story - 20 Years Casual Day for persons with disabilities

Casual Day ambassadors advocate for inclusion and accessibility

Rolling Kids - I believe I can fly

I received a letter from a reader asking whether her child, who is a wheelchair user, can participate in extra curricular activities.

News & Views - With Disability comes Vulnerability or Vulnerability a new Disability ?

My Lady please don't accept this argument. We will be cursed if we are perceived as vulnerable and unpredictable

Hotsport News - The world loves SA youngster

A medical Orthotist and Prosthetist intern from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape made a breakthrough for South Africa at the Orthopaedie and Reha-Technik World Congress in Germany.

Reader profile - David Barr a most remarkable man

Dave took on the challenge of circumnavigating the world alone on his 10 year old Harley Davidson, a motorcycle many would say is not the most suited for such a journey.

Rolling Sport - Cape Epic

How to prepare for a challenging Cape Epic

Reader Profile - Life as a Paraplegic

I was once a very good pool player and went to the SA championships in George in 2002.

HotSpot News - Pimp my chair

Jeff Matthee, a Boksburg based lawyer, was the brain behind a project which promises to turn a lot of heads in future.

HotSpot News - The public DO care!

The event in April this year consisted of me pushing a wheelchair with someone in it for 12 hours.

HotSpot News - D’Bility Pool Assist

Having a disabled sibling, it is second nature for me to check whether or not she would be able to visit a resort and take part in the activities offered at the resort.

HotSpot News - Coming in 2016 - The Bionic Olympics

The “Cybathlon” will let those assisted by exoskeletons, powered wheelchairs, and other technologies compete against one another.

Book Review - Water has no walls

There has never been such a good time to get involved in para-rowing as now.

Dear Editor - Fanmail

Just a short note to say thank you soooo much for your latest magazine, which you very kindly send me. I have MS and I can't tell you what a lift it gives me.

Rolling Sport - Keep on Triking

A manual wheelchair that would get me back into the mountains that were such an integral part of my life before MS robbed me of the ability to walk.

Rolling Sport - Basic Handcycle Maintenance

This month we are going to be looking at some very basic guidelines on how to maintain your Handcycle.

Tennis ace will have to try again

Sithole looked almost unbeatable on his way to the semi’s of the fourth Super Series event this year.

Youngsters are the key to Rio

The team boasted several very young future basketball stars during the four Test Sasol All Star Series

QASA News - Don’t get angry when Drivers Park illegally in disabled bays – get even!

When somebody phones us with a description and the location of the vehicle, we will call the shopping center and tell management to move the vehicle

QASA News - QASA donated 2 Zoom Balls to Hillcrest Hospital Occupation Therapy Unit

As part of our Outreach Program QASA donated 2 zoom balls to the Occupation Therapy Unit at the Hillcrest Hospital.

QASA News - HWSETA Workplace Experience Grant Interns

Pillendren Chetty is based at the QASA office in Gillitts and is an active intern performing various admin tasks.


UpFront - When will we get our own Ministry

Our public representatives are there in the benches, some with renewed vigour and motivation for the next term in office.

A visit to the Gynecologist

The first factor to consider is who to see, and it is likely the most critical of all the decisions that will follow.

Medically Speaking - Common orthopaedic complications in spinal cord injury

Contractures are probably the most common of all the orthopaedic complications seen.

Ida's Corner - Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Conditions of Service, Contracts and Tax Relief

The nature of work of a PCA is such that persons without the emotional fortitude and mental capacity to deal with the intensely personal and emotionally draining nature of the work, do ...

Product Review - “Stepping Out Shoes”

Heather Abbott can walk in 10 cm high heels thanks to her specially designed prosthesis, mind you she does have 4 prostheses, and one for each type of activity she does.

Road Test - Drive and Thrive Exibition

The Test Drive area had 13 vehicles lined up which were fitted with the Easy Rider portable hand controls to enable drivers with disabilities the opportunity to test drive a variety of ...

Accesible Accommodation

Remember when looking for a hotel, put your needs first.

Let’s talk about sex

Whenever I stand in front of a group of patients whom have recently acquired a spinal cord injury or illness, I feel a bit like an imposter.

When it costs an arm and a leg

On a daily basis, I hear medical aid advertisements claiming that their company will look after you better than their competitors and make big promises about daily fees and hospital ...

Love Liberates

Everything and everyone in our lives is there to give us our most needed and wanted lesson at that particular time.