Issue Contents - 2014 Sep/Oct


Reader Profile - Young woman left paralysed after car accident

I like to encourage other wheelchair users to look past their journey and go out and do things they love to do

Rolling Kids - Using music in the classroom

There are numerous musical activities that parents, teachers and therapists can use.

Rolling Sport - SA para-bowlers

Bowling is not yet an Olympic sport, so the Commonwealth Games is the absolute highlight of this international sport.

QASA News - E-Toll Update

QASA has also recently presented to the Gauteng commission of enquiry on the socio-economic effects of E-Tolls on people with disabilities, more specifically people with mobility ...

Reader Profile - Passion leads to common ground

What began as a huge leap of faith gradually evolved into a performance and a passion for wheelchair dancing.

QASA News - Meet QASA’s interns from KZN who are part of their Health & Welfare SETA Workplace Exper

Sizwe has a very positive attitude and dreams of finding permanent employment and providing for himself and his family.

News & Views - How can the ‘fastest Paralympian on Earth’ argue vulnerability?

He was a hero – now he is a villain. He was an icon in the disability sector. Now there are doubts whether he will ever regain that status.

HotSpot News - Strategic fundraising impacting child healthcare

The program aims to improve the quality of life of children through intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

HotSpot News - International Nelson Mandela Day at Netcare Rehabilitaion Hospital

Rita Henn and Partners, in collaboration with Chairman Industries and HG Prosthetics hosted 6 QuadPara Association of Gauteng South self-help centres on International Nelson Mandela Day.

Rolling Sport - Rugby Heroes Honoured at Banquet

This year, presenting sponsor Seartec SA, the full Springbok team along with their management, celebrated their heroes and the recipients of the Players’ Fund.

Rolling Sport - Taking On a Big One

As handcyclists we are often attracted to all the hype created around these and ultimately we want to join the fun in taking up the ultimate challenge of endurance cycling.

Rolling Sport - Oil those hand cycles!


UpFront - Bigger rewards than mere medals

When I recently met Rowan Hermanus and his father Rowland, I have pondered on this very integrated approach to sport, as they both are very spirited people that love sport.

Doctor's Corner - Women with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and pregnancy

96% of women with SCI said becoming a parent improved their quality of life. Therefore parenthood is still a possibility and with some special precautions an uneventful pregnancy and ...

Medically Speaking - Colostomy to have or not to have?

In this issue I shall be focusing on the question of colostomy – the question – “to have or not to have” will be investigated.

Ida's Corner - Caregiver Retention

Caregivers who are acknowledged for the role they play, find self-esteem in what otherwise is a demanding, emotionally draining and often very lonely job.

Road Test - Nissan NV200 Combi

The Nissan NV200 is a surprising little van that has a remarkable amount of internal space. It gives the impression of being a small vehicle, and in comparison with most of the other ...

Travel Tips - Vilakazi Street, Soweto

There are so many interesting places within our cities that we hear about but, as locals, never actually get around to visiting.

Product Review - Ramp it Up

A ramp is a way to ease access into your home, a vehicle, your work or a building you need to get into.

Sexuality - The Hidden Risks of Porn

There was a time when, if you wanted to get your hands on an X-rated video or magazine, you would have to physically go out and buy it.

Amputee Corner - Cape Town Woman turns Motorcycle Accident Into Motivation

Carol Millar joined her husband - a keen motorcyclist with an even bigger model on the road - and was out riding her new toy, when a young driver skipped a stop sign

Back Chat - Trusting…

For quite some time now I’ve been dealing with some inner demons. You know those demons that you can’t see? You can’t put your arms around its neck to choke them away.