Issue Contents - 2015 Mar/Apr


Adaptive wake-boarding day

Let’s bring adaptive sports to all people with disabilities. Let’s put smiles on people’s faces, let’s encourage, motivate and inspire others to enjoy life to the full.

Don’t just download it!

Section 137 of the Road Traffic Act 29 of 1989 provides for special parking spaces for people with prescribed disabilities.

Geberit serves SA communities

We build perfect waterways

Tight Lines!

They plan to establish formal angling for fishermen with disabilities as a competitive division in the sport.


0860ROLLing (0860 765 5464) Your info line for mobility impairments.

Precious Mothogoana - chasing her dreams

For Precious it is all about access and attitude. The latter has undeniably made her the success she is today.

Ready for Rio!

Nedbank has yet again proven their ongoing commitment to disabled sport, as the nation’s top athletes turned out to compete at the Nedbank National Championships for Physically ...


The inaccessibility of hospitals

One still wants to be independent, but most of us love being helped from time to time

In the blink of an eye

I’m fairly sure that most bilateral amputees will tell you they didn’t wake up one morning thinking that they could end up without lower limbs by the end of that day.

Reaching core peace

How happy and content are you with who and where you are right now?

Cancer in women with mobility impairment

Malignant tumours affecting women can either cause mobility impairment or be found in a person with mobility impairment.

Tipping your caregiver

A few residents started tipping their caregivers. The caregivers’ attitude started to change.

Managing a neuropathic bowel

Following a spinal cord injury both bladder and bowel control changes.

Kids Have To Play

When a disability gets in the way of normal development, drastic measures have to be taken.

Ford Tourneo

The Ford Transit Van is no stranger to the disability sector and the Tourneo is even better.

Visual perceptual difficulties

Visual perception refers to the brain’s ability to make sense of what the eyes see.

Why women love 50 Shades of Grey

Women like being able to let go. Modern women have lots on her plate, and it can be hard to find time for sexual energy.

Inner city Jozi

Johannesburg’s inner city is being seriously overhauled and upgraded.

Durban 2022

It is a marvellous opportunity for the future of sports in our country, but it needs buy in.