Issue Contents - 2008 Jul/Aug


Cover Profile - English Einstein Seeks ...

Stephen William Hawking was born on a cold winter's day, January 8, 1942. 66 years later he trekked to Africa

HOTSpot News Logo - Does my bum look big ...

Not really an issue for Rollers; but let's face it, most off-the-rack clothing is not designed to look good when you are

HOTSpot News - Move over Robo-Cop

When the horror of thalidomide stuck in the 1960's, the British Government was determined to make up for their inadvertent

HOTSpot News - Thumbs Up for National Week ...

The first week of September is National Week for the Deaf.

HOTSpot News - Friday, 5 September 08 is ...

Rise and shine, you can dress as you may, just remember your sticker, it's Casual Day

HOTSpot News - Take a Disabled Person to Work

Isaac Maimane, a resident at the Tolokogo Self Help Centre in Soweto, came to help out the staff at Rolling Inspiration by

Reader Profile - Three's company

"It was a huge surprise as we were not expecting three. It changed how we thought about our favourite name. In fact it changed ...

Going for Gold

The 2008 Beijing Paralympics team

Here's to our heroes

"Heroes are people who accomplish the exceptional, who are pioneers or leaders in their fi eld. However, being a hero is not

Rolling Sport - Our Oscar

When Oscar Pistorius took to the field at the Nedbank National Championships for the Physically Disabled in Stellenbosch

Rolling Sport - Fly-fishing

The first Kwazulu-Natal Nedbank / Curamus Fly Fishing competition for the Disabled was held in May for people who had served

Rolling Sport - Golf

The 2008 Nedbank SA Disabled Golf Open went down to the wire with three players in contention for the coveted crown as the

Rolling Sport - What does it take?

What does it take to travel the road to the Paralympic Games?

Road Test - 12 step guide to vehicle rebates

For many years the government has allowed a Customs Import Duties rebate on imported vehicles and Ad Valorem Excise Duties


Benji was born on 27 December 1985 at the Marifont Nursing Home in Pretoria at 38 weeks after my blood pressure spiked.

New & Views - Sasol pumps up patients

The stars of the Sasol South Africa Wheelchair Basketball team visited the Netcare Rehabilitation hospital in May pumping up the hopes

New & Views - Disability support high on ...

Absa is leading the way with several initiatives for customers and employees with disabilities, creating an environment that is

New & Views - No Arms, No ID

After a long and arduous battle the Department of Home Affairs has finally issued an identity card to a disabled woman in a

New & Views - Cure in Sight?

Four patients affected by Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) have reported an improvement in their sight after under going gene therapy

New & Views - Failed Experiment Brings Hope

Another experiment gone wrong may provide hope for the one million+ global sufferers of the incurable illness, Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Book Review - A christian guide to ...

QASA News - QASA Preparing Persons with ...

The launch of the QASA computer training and employment projects saw a celebration on Friday 30th May at the Rod Colenbrander ...

QASA News - Disabled Accountants

Guarantee Trust's Virtual Office (VO) provides Accounting Graduates up to one year work experience in a practice as part of their ...

QASA News - Care Attendant Training

QASA is embarking on a new project to deliver national Care Attendant Training. So often, Care Attendants are not given the knowledge

QASA News - National Access Authority

This joint initiative by the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities (NCPPDSA) & QASA has received a mandate from


While many things change, most things remain constant

Sometimes architects are not held in high esteem. The public in general, and even developers often reduce the input

Professor Gadget

It is estimated that for every person killed on our roads, three are left with devastating brain, spinal, vision or sensory

Spasticity Part 2 - Exercise is not a luxury

In my last column I explained just what spasticity is and why it varies from person to person. This time round we will start

Howzit China?

HOWZIT CHINA! An apt greeting in waiting as a very powerful South African Paralympic team prepares to do battle at the

Urine Drainage Bags And Sheaths

The choice of a legbag or nightbag is a very personal decision, and there are a number of factors that should come into this choice.

Options with High Quadriplegia

Question: I have C4/5 quadriplegia. My arms are very weak and I don't feel much below my shoulders. I have a partner that wants to

The Low Down On Tie Downs

To travel in a vehicle in your wheelchair is a choice that some people with mobility impairment have to make. For the most

Disabled Community Rolls Up Their Sleeves

In the last few issues of Rolling Inspiration I have highlighted some pressing issues which have been affecting people with