Issue Contents - 2010 Jul/Aug


Letters to the Editor

You know most people have no idea how to cope with wheelchairs and don't really care and yet it is so

Proudly South African

We asked you to share your soccer stories with us in picture or prose never anticipating the overwhelming

Wonderful Wheelchairs

When Erika, Occupational Therapist at CE Mobility, first met little Sibusiso - he had no wheelchair of his own

We Are What We Eat

Stem cells home in on sites of injury in order to rebuild damaged tissue leading many to the assumption that the

Loss, Change and Self-Esteem

Over the past 21 years Celia Coburn has helped many South Africans to build and maintain self-esteem

Jumping Kids!

A year ago, we reported the launch of Jumping Kids, a non-profit initiative created to bring prosthetic technology

News and Views

The following tips will help you to prevent and manage any diabetes related problems. While travelling

Rolling Sport

The SASAPD logo symbolises our principles, aims and aspirations and delivers a clear and succinct message

Where there is no rehabilitation

The Transkei is one of the most rural parts of our country, where access to disability support and services are hard to come

ISPO 2010 World Congress

The first ever combining of the two biggest events in the Orthotics & Prosthetics calendar, the ISPO World

Amputee Corner

Our national soccer team was knocked out of the first round of the 2010 world cup but still, I was mesmerized


Wheelchair users travelling through OR Tambo, King Shaka and Cape Town International airports

Like the vuvuzela: some things are just a ...

Research from 1990 shows only 0.26% of people with disabilities (PwDs) employed in the open market and, in 1993

Heroes Celebration 2010

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles - Christopher ...

Rights Here, Rights Now

Mr Sipho Mdletshe, the QuadPara Association of KwaZulu-Natal's Provincial Development Coordinator, has been selected


Exactly Who is Competent?

Under South African legislation various aspects of buildings must be certified by a Competent Person. I was asked about this

Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable Accommodation is a positive action that mostly requires only logic and a can-do, problem solving attitude,

Judge and Jury?

South Africa has organisations that entrench and strengthen democracy, each with a specific mandate and different

Smoke on the Water Vuvuzela style!

Mandy Latimore can tap her feet! I discovered this whilst perched on the wheelchair stand at the Coca Cola dome

Float like a Butterfly

Id love some wings that could enhance my mobility. If there was something better than a wheelchair

Cedric Mkhize: A regular nice guy

When Im asked who my hero is, I respond with pride that Im my own hero! I have been dealt a hand of cards

Renault Kangoo

The smile on Keenan’s face and the twinkle in his eyes speak volumes about what he thinks of his new Renault

Take Matters in Hand

How can I find out if my penis still works and if I can have sex? I am 25 years old and they tell me I am paraplegic

Creating the World of Our Choice

I wondered why we have different coloured flowers arranged on tables instead of just one kind. But then, as

Gautrain- It is Here!

Wow, Gautrain really cut it fine, only opening their service from Sandton/Marlboro to OR Tambo International

Let us be part of the lasting legacy of 2010

How proud I am to be a South African at the moment; to be part of this great opportunity to host the world in our country, watching ...

Learning the Hard Way

After I got out of hospital I really didn’t know much about self-catheterization

Facts about Fats

With an elevated blood cholesterol level, cholesterol collects on the walls of your arteries and other blood