Issue Contents - 2010 Nov/Dec


Standing Up For Women

Dr Maasdorp likes to do things quickly

Empower Yourself With Knowledge Of ...

"At least I have a Medical Scheme that will support me and cover any legitimate costs related to my treatment"

Defining Weight Loss Success

If you haven't defined success, you won't know when you've achieved it.

Enabling Disability

The annual ACSA Disability Expo at Gallagher Estates

Squeaky Clean!

When my occupational therapist told me what was going to have to happen (when the catheter came out) I wished I could rather have ...

Put ME in the Centre

You have to take responsibility for connecting yourself

Take control

Keeping a diabetes logbook or food diary will also help by creating your very own glucose profile.

Sponge Project

Sponge distribute a newsletter to over 4000 email contacts sharing information about disability issues with a view to assisting ...

Hands Up for Improved Function

SASCA, the Southern African Spinal Cord Association recently held their Extending the Limits of Tetraplegic Functionality congress.

Rolling Romance

By the end of dinner I knew that Michelle was one very special lady.

Surprise Surprise!

Radio 2000 DJ, Doug Anderson, is full of surprises but no-one was as surprised as Maddie when he popped the question during a radio ...

Education for all a Dream or Reality?

The inclusion of learners with learning barriers or special education needs into mainstream classes is part of a universal human ...

Neigh Sayers Saddle Up!

The World Games were difficult for South Africa's equestrians as they had to find, and then ride, borrowed horses.

UJ Athletes Dominate

At the recent Gauteng Trials for track and field ten athletes representing the University of Johannesburg UJ) competed to secure ...

Seventh Heaven

Netcare's 7th Rehabilitation Sports day was held in Auckland Park on the 7th October 2010

Boccia Wins BIG!

Boccia is a form of indoor bowls for people with severe disabilities, such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

2010 - A Defining Year

Millions will remember 2010 as the year that we hosted the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup " the biggest sporting event on the 2010 ...

SAOPA Mini Congress - No Small Feat!

The biannual SAOPA mini congress took place in Bloemfontein, in September, addressing the subject of "Orthotics and Prosthetics in ...

TUT - 25 Years of Excellence

In October Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics, Tshwane University of Technology, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the programme ...

It's a Secret!

Be a Part of History in 2011! Wheelchair Tennis South Africa Calls for Tournament Volunteers


Accessible transport system for people who find other forms of public transport unsuitable due to their special needs.

Our New Minister

Ms Lulu Xingwana was recently appointed by President Jacob Zuma as the new Minister for Women, Children and People with Disabilities.

Game Vodacom Wheelchair Drive

The lives of 400 young children were changed in October when they received brand new wheelchairs with a total value of 1,1 million ...

Driving Ambitions

With the professional advice of Rolling Inspiration's occupational therapist, Caroline Rule, and in partnership with QASA, Driving ...


QASA recently unveiled their new logo, designed for the Durban based association by Angela Bax.

greenOFFICE cycle team is growing

The team take part in cycle events throughout the year in order to support and promote the physical strengths of persons with ...

Lubabalo Mbeki - Work and Employment Officer

NCPPDSA, in partnership with QASA have employed Lubabalo Mbeki as the Work and Employment Officer, funded by the Thabo Mbeki ...

In Support of QASA

"Kilos lost equals Rands gained, no wonder the charities are excited"

iKili-Kili Climb

This big, challenging mountain is symbolic of the challenges faced every day by people with disabilities,says Jo.

Reversing AIDS

The ad starts with a supposedly healthy woman climbing into bed who gradually transforms into a human skeleton - which was Selinah ...



One Century and Counting

We would like to congratulate Marius for this mile stone and hope that he can go on to impart the knowledge that he has acquired to ...

Big Shoes to Fill

Rolling spoke to the new national team captain, Marcus Retief, on the event of his first international captaincy.


I met with disability by accident

I met with disability by accident - if you'll excuse the pun - roughly ten years ago

You'll lose the blues in Chicago

Its where the skyscraper was born, and still lives

Let's Wrap Things Up

We will all, hopefully, remember 2010 as an awesome year

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

The degree to which a patient is affected is dependent on the level, severity, nature and time elapsed since the injury.

It's all in the eyes

Manufactured in Sweden, the Tobii C12 is a sophisticated yet compact piece of technology. A 31cm computer screen, with integrated ...

Power All Terrain Wheelchairs

In recent years there have been exciting developments in the world of power All Terrain Wheelchairs (ATWs)

A Lifetime of Passion for Disability

My wish is that one day there will be no special unit for people with disabilities because society will automatically cater for ...

Success, Money and Love

As a sister who has it going on I have concluded that a lot of our brothers must be intimidated by sisters who are smart and ...

My own set of wheels

Most people take their independence for granted. The ability to do things without help is liberating, especially for a person with ...

En Route

The summer holidays are fast approaching and many of us will travel long distances by car to get to our destinations of choice.

Mooi River Goes Out

I first spoke to Courtney in April 2008 when she called to enquire about the I-Limb hand. Two months later we finally met at Darryl ...

Am I Still Sexy?

I am 28 and had lots of girlfriends before my accident. Now I am in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Will any girl ever want ...

Disabled, Delighted & Decorated

To Richard Pinker and his team at RICOH, congratulations on signing your new deal with the Pumas, despite them having a pretty ...