Ari Seirlis

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Managing Editor of Rolling Inspiration
Ari Seirlis is the Chief Executive Officer of the QuadPara Associatin of SA, QASA, and Managing Editor of Rolling Inspiration.

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2007 Sep/Oct Open letter to Oscar. Dear Oscar Pistorius (South Africa's Blade Runner) View Record
2007 Jul/Aug Kicked around, but winning! We are thrilled to tell readers the South African Rugby Union has formally agreed to implement a prevention and wellness programme across the rugby spectrum View Record
2007 May/Jun STOP marking time! "Markeer die pas" - that's the military order (in Afrikaans) to mark time, or march in place. Did I do plenty of that in the South African Defence Force way back in 1983! What a pointless exercise, using all that energy to go nowhere View Record
2007 Mar/Apr Are QuadParas being sidelined? Are we using the right process to access government to bring about changes to the disability grant – both in the inadequate levels of support available to seriously disabled people, and in the thinking View Record
2007 Jan/Feb Freedom may come in 2007!! This just might be the year when we get it right!! View Record
2006 Nov/Dec 2010: Look well beyond the bid Like many others, I'm thrilled that South Africa is going to stage Soccer World Cup 2010. This doesn't mean necessarily that I'm a football fanatic - I have some other motives View Record
2006 Sep/Oct Don't fight without the answers We've had some breakthroughs over recent months; and learnt a great deal about our way forward. View Record
2006 July/Aug Activism for change We pushed ourselves to the brink of activism and it seems to have worked. In one area the raising of awareness has achieved real progress. In another, we are just beginning. View Record
2006 May/Jun Flight Escorts? We've been quite astounded and confused by the arrogance and ineptitude of a particular local airline towards passengers who are mobility impaired. View Record
2006 Mar/Apr NOW, let's make it happen It was very fitting indeed, it warmed the soul - that one of the themes for the opening of Parliament this year focused on the impact of our Equality Act a shortening of the full title which reads as The Promotion of View Record
2005 Nov/Dec Every day a marathon! I have been humbled by an absolutely unbelievable experience. I think one of the most meaningful in my life! I participated in, and completed, the New York Marathon 2005. View Record
2005 Nov/Dec Planning succession? It's probably normal to ponder the Bigger Things when a friend dies. I've just had the experience and have been thinking a great deal about our challenges, and the many key people who do so much to improve View Record
2005 May/Jun A 10 year strategy? We can't all do everything. It would actually be much better if we each did just something towards the common good; rather than trying to do too much. View Record
2005 Feb/Mar Getting together If you watch people dance, or a Grand Prix race, it's all a matter of timing, isn't it? The grace and keeping to the beat in the first place, and the coordination of all the elements of design, power, tyres, team and driver View Record
2004 Nov/Dec Where's the delivery? As I write, it's the International Day for Persons with Disabilities (3rd December 2004) - a time for us to celebrate successes and bring new focus to our challenges all over the world. View Record