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(PrArch MSAIA) of Universal Design is an ardent supporter of universal design and integration.
Joan Seirlis (PrArch MSAIA) of Universal Design is an ardent supporter of universal design and integration

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2008 Jul/Aug While many things change, most things remain constant Sometimes architects are not held in high esteem. The public in general, and even developers often reduce the input View Record
2008 May/Jun It is not our feet that move us along, it is our minds Each of the Municipalities has slightly different interpretations of the National Building Regulations. There are sections of the �Facilities for Disabled Persons� which I have been wrestling with for years. View Record
2008 Mar/Apr The Birth Place of Nelson Mandela For many years we have been hearing about the developments at Qunu in the Eastern Cape to commemorate Nelson Mandela's birth place, and the area he grew up in. View Record
2008 Jan/Feb ATM's A pain in the knee? I have been doing a survey of ATMs and their accessibility to disabled people. This arises from a request from a banks head office, for whom I did an audit and assessment of their premises View Record
2007 Nov/Dec Pesky Passages Size does count, it seems. Whether architects design compact clusters or spacious mansions, those pesky passages persist View Record
2007 Sep/Oct Does Access impact Heritage? In the architectural profession, heritage and history are considered an important part of the whole approach to creating and preserving spaces, along with all the important classic View Record
2007 Jul/Aug Is low-cost housing accessible? Researching for a workshop last month on my subject of accessible low-cost housing, I was surprised at my findings. Officially the government bodies do not View Record
2007 May/Jun Durban's International Conference Centre impresses Durban has just celebrated the opening of its ICC Arena. It is an extension of the existing ICC which forms part of a complex of buildings lying between Ordinance Road to the north and Commercial Road to the south, and only three blocks west of the beach. View Record
2007 Mar/Apr Accessibility is an environmental issue Global warming and climate change are perennial high-profile topics that should be taken seriously. Read the book called 'Heat' by George Monbiot and you'll be convinced, if you aren't already. View Record
2007 Jan/Feb Rome versus Durban, Achieving Ancient Access Well, we're getting closer to 2010. That only means one thing in South Africa: the new soccer stadiums have to be finished and ready for functioning. View Record
2006 Nov/Dec COMMODITY AND DELIGHT Mandate versus Movement The meaning of accessible is critical to this column: Civil Rights is the rationale for accessibility. The accessibility laws focus on people within a narrow range of specific disabilities such as those who use wheelchairs View Record
2006 Sep/Oct Invisible success! Successful universal design should be so good that when you get it right it is actually invisible! View Record
2006 July/Aug Making the most of a small space My articles have been concentrating on public spaces and places, however several of my recent projects have been about more private spaces, and it is really interesting to realise that just about everybody View Record
2006 May/Jun It's the buildings, and the spaces between them. Joan Seirlis continues examining her favourite topic of universal design. If it can be understood, she says, that most of the (design) accommodations for disabled people are eminently suitable for everybody View Record
2006 Mar/Apr Safety and Security for all Safety and Security are two issues which are a constant contradiction. In many corporate, commercial, and even industrial environments in our present society, it is considered as a special needs issue to accommodate View Record