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Caroline Rule (B.Sc. Occ Ther UCT) is an Occupational Therapist specialising in driver rehabilitation and WheelChair Rugby
Caroline Rule (B.Sc. Occ Ther UCT) is an Occupational Therapist specialising in driver rehabilitation and WheelChair Rugby

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2009 Jul/Aug Mini Cooper Who would have thought that the little Mini Cooper would offer such a great solution ... View Record
2009 May/Jun Commodes In the 17th century a commode was a bedside cabinet ... View Record
2009 May/Jun Mercedes-Benz CLK350 From living on the streets ... to driving a Mercedes-Benz CLK350! Andy Scott proves that it is possible! View Record
2009 Mar/Apr Kia Sorento Thulani Tshabalala is a remarkable man ... View Record
2009 Jan/Feb Mattresses A good mattress conforms to the spine's natural curves and keeps the spine in alignment when sleeping, thus preventing back and neck problems. View Record
2008 Nov/Dec Hoists Hoists are designed for transferring, not transporting ... View Record
2008 Sep/Oct Training And Assessment Of Disabled Drivers The ability to drive gives freedom and independence. Having this taken away can be a headache to the individual View Record
2008 Jul/Aug Urine Drainage Bags And Sheaths The choice of a legbag or nightbag is a very personal decision, and there are a number of factors that should come into this choice. View Record
2008 May/Jun A catheter is a catheter .....! Are they really all the same? What is the true difference between catheters? View Record
2008 Mar/Apr Hand and Foot Controls With the lack of accessible public transport in South Africa, being able to drive is an important part of being independent. RI explored this topic in 2004 View Record
2007 Nov/Dec Transporting occupied wheelchairs. While researching last issue�s article on automotive lifts and tie downs, I realised that there are few vehicles that can accommodate a lift. Lifts or ramps allow View Record
2007 Sep/Oct Automotive Lifts and Tie-downs We continue our focus on methods of transporting wheelchairs and in this issue explore automotive lifts and tie down systems View Record
2007 May/Jun Racing Wheelchairs Racing wheelchairs have undergone huge developments over the last 20 years, greatly improving race times achieved by wheelchair athletes. View Record
2007 May/Jun Disabled Athletics Athletics were introduced at the Paralympic Games in 1960. Today, both field and track events have become very popular amongst disabled athletes. Even those with most severe disabilities View Record
2007 Mar/Apr Car Hire Services Where do you go to hire a car adapted with hand controls? View Record