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Caroline Rule (B.Sc. Occ Ther UCT) is an Occupational Therapist specialising in driver rehabilitation and WheelChair Rugby
Caroline Rule (B.Sc. Occ Ther UCT) is an Occupational Therapist specialising in driver rehabilitation and WheelChair Rugby

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2007 Mar/Apr Canoeing and Kayaking "Paddling is freedom from my wheelchair and a sense of being equal on the water that. A body that is uncooperative on land becomes part of a sleek craft gliding through the water. There are no barriers.." View Record
2007 Jan/Feb Adaptive Rowing Disabilities disappear on the water as rowers flock to man (and woman) the boats. View Record
2006 Nov/Dec High-performance, Lightweight Wheelchairs Over the last 10 years, much research was done on developing high-performance, lightweight wheelchairs due to increased awareness of the long-term effects of wheelchair use. Common problems include View Record
2006 Sep/Oct Horse riding for people with disabilities The dust in the paddock settles, and Christy could be seen hanging onto the horse's neck for dear life, sobbing her heart out because her lesson has come to an end and she had to get off the horse! View Record
2006 Sep/Oct Home automation and environmental controls Graham Clarke is locked in his body. He is totally paralysed and unable to talk, yet his brain functions normally. He lives with locked-in syndrome. However, he is able to communicate with the people around View Record
2006 July/Aug Stand-Up Wheelchairs, standing frames and tilt tables Standing is a function of our daily lives that most people take for granted. It is a function that is often neglected by wheelchair users. Our bodies are designed to stand. Without standing, many bodily functions View Record
2006 July/Aug Wheelchair Rugby A contradiction in terms...? No?.. a fast growing, fast moving, exciting sport that is played by quadriplegics and other crazy people with severe disabilities. It is played on a View Record
2006 May/Jun Motorised Scooters A motorised scooter can bring a new level of independence to a person who has difficulty with walking or is only able to walk short distances. It becomes possible to pop down the road to visit a friend View Record
2006 May/Jun Wheelchair tennis Wheelchair tennis is one of the only sports where disabled players are able to compete against able-bodied players on a fair and equal basis. It is fast becoming popular amongst disabled people as it View Record
2006 Mar/Apr Stair and platform lifts for persons with impaired mobility In South Africa today there is a growing trend for people to build residential houses with more than one level. This provides a new challenge for people with mobility impairments. So RI decided to look into what View Record
2005 Nov/Dec Paediatric Wheelchairs Due to the interest in our feature on paediatric wheelchairs we continue looking at different products available in the market. View Record
2004 Nov/Dec Wide range of handcycles What manner of beast is a handcycle View Record
2004 Aug/Oct Bath and shower aids It happens every day: it's bath time. However, unless you get the infrastructures right the aids around you which are vital for comfort and safety you won't View Record
2004 May/Jun Now we're really rolling! Until recently there was a very small choice of power wheelchairs on the South African market. When Caroline Rule of Rolling Inspiration went investigating View Record
2004 Feb/Mar Hand (and foot) Controls Driving is one of the activities that people with physical disabilities can add to the list of things that they CAN do. However, a few changes normally need to be made to their vehicles to make this possible. View Record